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WATCH: Shocking Videos Of Satmar Day Camp Activities Emerge On Social Media


In the attached videos currently viral on social media, there are two clips combined.
The clips were taken in the past two weeks at two separate Satmar day camps.

The second part of the clip was taken at a camp affiliated with the Satamr Rebbe of Kiryas Yoel, HaRav Aharon Teitelbaum Shlita. In this camp activity, the young children are all given eggs and when the mock vehicle with the “Prime Minister of Israel” drives through the crowd, the children pelt the vehicle – covering it in eggs. Chants of “Bibi Netanyahu shame on you!” can be heard as the children cover the vehicle in eggs.The first part of the video was taken at a camp affiliated with the Satmar Rebbe of Williamsburg, HaRav Zalman Leib Teitelbaum Shlita. The children are seen holding a fake anti-Israel protest, with the children making anti-Israel signs and chanting anti-Israel slogans.
If that’s not disturbing enough, the egging incident was taken a step further.
Not only were the children thought to throw things at someone you disagree with, not to mention a moving vehicle, and not only was the blatant disregard for Baal Tashchis displayed on a mass scale – but the newspaper (Der Blatt) aligned with this Satmar faction proudly covered this story. (See attached photos)
If anyone wonders where the deep hatred comes from to yell Nazi at other Jews, to have the Chutzpah to call 100-year-old Mahigei Hador “reshoyim” and “lowlives”, it begins at age 5 and ends in violent Hafganos in Meah Shearim, where public property is destroyed, the lives of tens of thousands are inconvenienced and people are violently attacked.
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The Donald Trump video every Jew MUST watch!

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PMW: PA crossword puzzle: Israeli city Haifa is "port in occupied Palestine"

PA crossword puzzle:
 Israeli city Haifa is "port in occupied Palestine"
[Official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Aug. 20, 2016]

Itamar Marcus

A crossword puzzle clue in yesterday's official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida reiterated the Palestinian Authority ideology that teaches Palestinians to see all of Israel as "occupied territory."
Clue (9 down): "A port in occupied Palestine"
Solution: "Haifa," (i.e., Israeli port city in Northern Israel). 
[Official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Aug. 20, 2016]
The PA avoids expressing legitimacy for Israel in any borders by using euphemisms to replace "Israel." The official PA daily regularly presents all of Israel as "occupied Palestine," "occupied Palestinian Interior" or "1948 territories," and defines Israeli cities as "occupied" cities.
Recently, the official PA daily reported on an invention by Israeli Arabs who were studying in a university in Haifa. The PA daily defined the Arabs of Israel as "Palestinian students from the Interior that was occupied in 1948." Haifa, where they were studying, was defined as "the occupied city of Haifa":

"Three Palestinian students from the Interior that was occupied in 1948 (i.e., Israel), who are studying software engineering at the College of Applied Sciences at Technion University in theoccupied city of Haifa, have succeeded in inventing a small device that reveals the quality of the watermelon before the purchase."
[Official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, June 28, 2016]
An additional example of the use of a euphemism instead of the name "Israel":

"Thousands of citizens from occupied Jerusalem and within the 1948 territories (i.e., Israel), and about 200 adults from the Gaza Strip, held Friday prayers yesterday at the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque plaza."
[Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, May 28, 2016]
The following are two among many pictures posted by the PA Security Forces defining places in Israel as "occupied Palestine":

PA Security Forces picture of Israeli city defining it as "occupied Acre"

Text on photo: "Good evening occupied Acre"
[Facebook page of the Palestinian National Security Forces, Jan. 14, 2016]
PA Security Forces picture of Israeli city defining it as "occupied Caesarea"
Text on photo: "Good morning, Occupied Caesarea"
[Facebook page of the Palestinian National Security Forces, Jan. 4, 2016]
Children are likewise taught to see all of Israel as "occupied." The following is the cover of a PA funded youth magazine with a picture of what it teaches the children is "occupied Haifa."

A picture of Haifa on which is written "occupied Haifa" (bottom left corner, in black).
[Zayzafuna magazine, Feb. 1, 2016]
Note: Zayzafuna is a PLO magazine for children which receives funding from the PA.
Recently, a PA TV children's program taught Palestinian children to see Israel's coast, referred to as "the [Mediterranean] Sea" as the Palestinian coast that the "occupation," i.e. Israel, "took:"

Puppet Raed: "[We wear] sunglasses on the beach. La la la."
PA TV host: "Stop, why are you making me sad, reminding me that we have no sea?"
Puppet Raed: "We do have a sea (i.e., Mediterranean Sea)!"
PA TV host: "We have a sea, but the occupation (i.e., Israel) took it. We can't get there."
Puppet Raed: "We need to go there! ... "
PA TV host: "Even though we can't go to the sea without an entry permit, and there are many obstacles to receiving an entry permit to go to the sea we will continue to defy [Israel] and be strong and hope that the sea and the [Jordan] River will return to us, and that all of Palestine will return to us."
[Official PA TV, The Best Home, July 15, 2016]

The expression "all of Palestine will return to us" is a PA euphemism for the end of Israel.

Last week, Palestinian Media Watch reported on a PA TV song that presented Arabs from Israeli cities Haifa, Jaffa and more as "a thorn in the throat of Zionism:"

Click to view more examples of the PA use of these euphemisms to show its rejection of Israel and its right to exist.

German University students declare BDS anti-Semitic

BERLIN – Students at one of the world’s oldest universities – Leipzig University in the German state of Saxony – passed a resolution this month opposing the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement because it is anti-Semitic.
According to the resolution, the student council voted “to condemn the anti-Semitic BDS campaign,” and is “against anti-Semitic measures such as disinviting Israeli academics.”
The Leipzig University student council sees BDS as a danger to academic freedom and that the BDS measures resemble the Nazi-era slogan “Don’t Buy from Jews!” BDS’s goal is the “abolition of the State of Israel,” the resolution said.
The student council initiated the resolution after a University of London professor appeared at a June event at Leipzig University. Anthropologist Lori Allen held an event regarding her book titled, The Rise and Fall of Human Rights: Cynicism and Politics in Occupied Palestine, and used the talk to promote BDS and to minimize terrorism, according to the resolution.
The pro-boycott event was sponsored by the European Network in Universal and Global History, and the university’s Center for Area Studies and Center for Global and European Studies. The event was also supported by Stanford University and the German federal Ministry for Education and Research.
It is unclear how much German taxpayer’s money was used to fund the pro-BDS event. State-sponsored BDS remains a problem in Germany, according to opponents of Israel-boycotts. The cities of Bremen and Munich provide space in public offices and city institutions to hold events advocating boycotting and demonizing the Jewish state.
Allen did not immediately respond to a Jerusalem Post query. Her email response said: “I am traveling and have limited access to email. I may be delayed in responding to your message.” Her email listed her as a “Senior Lecturer, Department of Anthropology and Sociology,” at the University of London.
German student groups such as the Young Socialists, which is the youth organization of the Social Democratic party, played a key role in the passage of the resolution. The Liberal student group at Leipzig also supported the resolution.
The resolution states: “Israel’s right to exist and to self-defense is for us nonnegotiable.”
The civil society group “Alliance against anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism Leipzig” protested against Allen’s talk with a position paper on its website.

The Leipzig student resolution appears to be the first detailed academic document rejecting BDS in Germany. Leipzig University is the second largest university in Saxony, with more than 28,000 students, and was founded in 1409. It counts Chancellor Angela Merkel, philosophers Friedrich Nietzsche and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, and author Johann Wolfgang von Goethe among its alumni. The anti-Jewish composer Richard Wagner also attended Leipzig.
Last month, the Post reported on a seminar at the HAWK University of Applied Sciences and Arts, in Hildesheim, Lower Saxony, which taught that Israel harvests Palestinian organs and depicts Israel as a “dehumanized” society in its reading material. HAWK taught the anti-Israel seminar for 10 years.
Spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon, from the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem, told the Post in July that the HAWK seminar is “an ugly and outrageous demonstration of Jew-hatred.” He said, “This is not a university – it is a hatred factory. One would think that in Germany of all places people would understand the pernicious nature of hatred and racism under a pseudo academic guise.”
According to an August article in the daily Die Welt, the president of HAWK, Christiane Dienel, defended the course against allegations of anti-Semitism by saying she gave her children “Jewish names.” She has repeatedly said that the allegations against the university and the academic seminar were “completely baseless accusations of anti-Semitism.”
On August 5, the university announced the seminar would be replaced with a more general module on Middle East conflicts

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PMW: Kids play "Zionist jailers" executing Palestinian "heroic prisoners" in Fatah summer camp named after terrorist stabber

Nan Jacques Zilberdik

As part of the closing ceremony of a summer camp for Palestinian children organized by the Palestinian National Committee of Summer Camps and the Fatah Movement, Palestinian children performed a play showing the alleged "cruel attitude of the Zionist jailer towards our [Palestinian] heroic prisoners." [Donia Al-Watan, independent Palestinian news agency, Aug. 12, 2016]
Photos from the play at the summer camp show children apparently playing the role of Palestinian prisoners, kneeling blindfolded and handcuffed in a row on the floor, while other children portraying Israeli prison guards stand aiming guns at them. In one photo, three children are lying on the floor, after having been "executed" by the children playing "Zionist jailers." (See photo above).
The summer camp was named after terrorist Muhammad Al-Shubaki, who stabbed and wounded an Israel soldier at the entrance to the Al-Fawwar refugee camp on Nov. 25, 2015. The terrorist's father spoke at the closing ceremony of the summer camp, expressing his "pride and thanks for the gesture of memorializing the heroic Martyrs."
The children's play repeated the PA libel that Israel abuses Palestinian prisoners and kills them in cold blood, often documented by Palestinian Media Watch. Other educational activities for Palestinian children have repeated additional libels. Just a few months ago, PMW reported on a high school play showing Israeli soldiers planting knives on innocent Palestinians and then murdering them in cold blood. In an elementary school play, Palestinian children enacted the "execution" of an Israeli soldier.
The website of the National Committee of Summer Camps states that the committee is under the PA Ministry of Youth and Sports. PMW proved this connection when documenting previous summer camps named after terrorists. However, this ministry does not exist in the current PA government. PMW has been unable to verify under what authority the National Committee of Summer Camps is currently operating. Its Chairman is still Musa Abu Zaid,who also served as Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports when the PA ministry still existed (until 2014). Possibly the National Committee of Summer Camps now operates under the PLO Supreme Council for Youth and Sports.
The following are two reports on the summer camp honoring the terrorist stabber during which Palestinian children enacted the PA libel that Israeli prison guards abuse and kill Palestinian prisoners:

Headline: "The closing ceremony of the Martyr Muhammad Al-Shubaki Summer Camp of the Lion Cubs and Flowers in the Al-Fawwar refugee camp"
"The events of the Martyr (Shahid) Muhammad Al-Shubaki [Summer] Camp, organized by the National Committee for Summer Camps and the Lion Cubs and Flowers Institution (i.e., Fatah youth institution for young boys and girls) of the [Fatah] Mobilization and Organization Commission, have concluded...
The ceremony began with a reading from the Quran, and then a special performance of the Aedoun (i.e., We Will Return Again) scout troop was held. Then the national Palestinian anthem was played, the Aedoun troop saluted the flag, and then the other various parts of the ceremony took place. Distinguished educator Ismail Al-Shubaki - after whose son the summer camp is named, heroic Martyr Muhammad Al-Shubaki, who carried out the heroic stabbing operation at the entrance of the Al-Fawwar refugee camp on Nov. 25, 2015 - gave a speech as part of the ceremony. Al-Shubaki expressed pride and thanks for the gesture of memorializing the heroic Martyrs...
Lion cub (i.e., member of the Fatah children's movement) Bassel Amjad Al-Najjar presented ashort play about our brave prisoners. He presented his friends, the lion cubs, in a play about the suffering of our brave prisoners and the cruel attitude of the Zionist jailer towards our heroic prisoners."
[Donia Al-Watan, independent Palestinian news agency, Aug. 12, 2016]
Muhammad Al-Shubaki - Palestinian terrorist who stabbed and wounded an Israeli soldier at the entrance to the Al-Fawwar refugee camp, next to Kiryat Arba, on Nov. 25, 2015. Al-Shubaki was wounded and treated in an Israeli hospital, where he later died of his wounds.
Headline: "Hebron district scout movement news"
"The Aedoun (i.e., We Will Return Again) scout troop participated in a special performance of the scouts, as part of the closing events of the Martyr (Shahid) Muhammad Al-Shubaki Summer Camp of the Lion Cubs and Flowers [Institution] (i.e., Fatah youth institution for young boys and girls) in the Al-Fawwar refugee camp. The summer camp was organized by the local branch of the Fatah Movement in Al-Fawwar, together with the Lion Cubs and Flowers Institution of the [Fatah] Mobilization and Organization Commission."
[Official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-JadidaAug. 15, 2016]

MEMRI: Articles In Saudi Press: End The Antisemitic Discourse, Learn From The Jews' Success

Over the past month, the Saudi press has featured a number of highly unusual articles harshly critical of the antisemitic discourse in Arab and Muslim society, and calling to avoid its generalizations regarding the Jews. The articles argued that Koranic passages against the Jews only applied to specific groups during specific time periods, and should not be applied to Jews in general. They added that blind hatred of Jews everywhere has prevented Arabs and Muslims from learning the lessons of Jewish experience and advancement.
It should be mentioned that these articles came against the backdrop of a heated debate in Saudi Arabia over the issue of normalizing relations with Israel, which erupted after a July 2016 visit to Israel by a Saudi delegation headed by Maj.-Gen. (ret.) Anwar Eshki, chairman of the Middle East Center for Strategic and Legal Studies in Jeddah, and the publication of photos of the delegation with Israeli politicians. While Eshki claimed that he represented only himself and that "official Saudi elements did not know of the meeting in advance, as it was of a personal nature" and was the result of an invitation by the Palestinian Authority, he stressed that "the kingdom does not prevent anyone from holding such visits." He also did not rule out indirect Israeli-Saudi intelligence cooperation as part of efforts to combat terrorism.[1]
The visit, which was seen as a Saudi step towards normalizing relations with Israel, sparked harsh criticism inside and outside the kingdom. Several hashtags attacking the visit were launched on social networks, including "Saudis Against Normalization."[2] Likely as a response to the criticism, the Saudi Foreign Ministry distanced itself from Eshki, arguing that "people like Anwar Eshki do not represent us, have no ties to any governmental elements, and do not reflect the positions of the Saudi government."[3]
However, despite this statement, and despite the Saudi regime's denial that the visit heralded normalization with Israel, the publication of Saudi articles attacking antisemitic discourse specifically at this time is no coincidence, and is likely meant to lay the groundwork for public acceptance in the country of normalized relations with Israel.
The following are excerpts from articles in the Saudi press attacking antisemitic discourse:
  Anwar Eshki (center with striped tie) with Israeli Knesset members (Image:, July 23, 2016)
Saudi Columnist Al-Qahtani: The Koranic Depiction Of Jews Does Not Apply To All Jews
Saudi columnist Siham Al-Qahtani rejected antisemitic generalizations regarding the nature of the Jews. She argued that Koranic descriptions of Jews – as killers of prophets, infidels, warmongers, and usurers – apply to a particular group that lived during a specific time period, and that the traditional view that blames disasters throughout history on Jewish plots stems from the helplessness of Arabs, who searched for scapegoats on whom to blame their own failures. Al-Qahtani added that she does believe in the existence of "a Jewish plot against Arabs," but stressed that such a plot could not have been realized without Arab ignorance. She wrote: "The [collective] memory of Arab culture continues to preserve the stereotypical image of Jews to this day. Some see this stereotype as the product of Koranic texts, [which depict the Jews] as killers of prophets, infidels, warmongers, and usurers. [However,] it is improper to blame the Koran for the creation of Jewish stereotypes. When the Koran depicts a certain people, it does so in accordance with [this people's] behavior and thought during a specific time period. This description is valid in the context of [those particular] circumstances and [that particular] behavior, and does not refer to a unique and permanent trait. Proof of this is [the fact] that, among the Jews [mentioned in the Koran], just as there are murderers and warmongers there are also prophets and righteous men. [Further proof is] the fact that Islam at the time permitted marriage between a Muslim man and a Jewish woman. If the 'Jewish race' possessed some unique and permanent flaw, then Islam would have banned such marriages in order to preserve the integrity and propriety of the Muslim man.
"As for [the question of] how circumstantial events became stereotypes, it is the result of the subjective assessment of ancient [Koranic] commentators who – whether intentionally or unintentionally – transformed those circumstances into unique and permanent traits, and thus established the stereotyped [perception of] the Jew in Arab memory. The influence of [these] early creators of religious philosophy was compounded by history, geography, and politics.
"In the [collective] memory of Arab cultural heritage, Jewish history is associated with a 'plot.' Behind every disaster in Arab history – from the days of 'the Saqifah Event'[4] to the assassination of [Third Caliph] 'Uthman bin 'Affan, to the fall of Islamic caliphates, to the occupation of Palestine – there are hidden Jewish hands! In this way, Arab fundamentalism regarding Arab-Jewish relations taught us to link [Jews to plots].
"In Arab memory this formula has become a defensive trick, used [by the Arabs] to absolve themselves of blame, paint themselves as victims, and avoid accountability and punishment. I do not reject [out of hand] the notion of 'a Jewish plot against the Arabs,' because I believe that such a plot does exist, but such plots could not have been realized without the ignorance of Arabs, their improper attitude, and the division in their ranks. The chief enemy of Arabs is Arabs [themselves]."[5]
Saudi Columnist Yasser Hijazi: We Must Abandon Hatred Of And Hostility Towards Jews
Columnist Yasser Hijazi penned two articles calling to abandon hatred of and hostility towards Jews in Arab cultural and institutional discourse, which paints the Jew as a satanic figure. He even called on Arabs to take an active role in the fight against "Judophobia": "Since my childhood, I – like other Arab children – was raised on hatred of and hostility towards Jews. The justification for this did not merely come down to the Arab-Israeli conflict and the claim that 'they occupied our land,' but rather that 'Jews are enemies of Arabs and of mankind; they possess all evil human traits, [and] they were created to be depraved, evil, lying, treacherous, deceiving, and to do anything that can harm humans in general, and Arab Muslims in particular'... Who is responsible for this generalization?... To what extent did this generalization rob the Arab mind of its ability to see things in a realistic perspective that does not blame [an entire] people for the sins of individuals or for historical episodes?...
"In school, on TV, in places where men and women congregate, and in Friday sermons, Jews were cursed and they and their descendants were maligned. Their religious description, according to human commentaries and interpretations, is 'those who have evoked [Allah's] anger.'[6] We never considered this generalization or realized the seriousness of holding an entire people responsible for the sins of all mankind. If we give it some serious thought, we discover that this perception means that the ultimate salvation for one people comes at the expense of another [who serves as] a scapegoat. This is because sins are pinned on the Jews, who are the scapegoats for all humanity. [The Jews] are equated to Satan in Arab Muslim culture, because Satan is a metaphysical figure, which requires a corporeal representation by something or someone. Thus, in the Arab and Islamic perspective, the Jew is the natural representation of this supernatural being [Satan].
"Religious education has been persistent in its racism and hatred, particularly towards Judaism and Jews. Unfortunately, national education was not free of religious and ethnic racism either. [Thus, it argued that] the holy [Jewish] book is fake; their religion is fake; their scholars and rabbis are corrupt and preach evil and plots; their rich are usurers; their poor are treacherous spies; and their scientists are murderers who invent and create all manner of methods of extermination. [Strangely,] no one has exposed this Jewish plot apart from the Muslim Arabs, who are gripped by these fears... Did this hatred have a reason prior to the occupation of Palestine? Do these distortions stem from the strong victor oppressing the weak loser? Was it the hatred of Arab Muslims towards religious and ethnic minorities that fostered these [distortions]?
"According to the Arab-Islamic view... the Jews will remain in hell forever, while the other nations have a chance to be pardoned by Allah. How can this kind of education be seen as proper civilized education within the framework of the perceptions and terminology of the contemporary world? How can it be seen as civilized education, when the source of authority for its standards regarding [different] sciences, histories, and cultures is the interpretation of ancient religious texts?...
"We can certainly find Israelis and Jews, as well as Jewish institutions, who stand for Palestinian rights and against Israel... but on the other hand, we cannot find an Arab who absolves the Jews – who are a people... like any other people – of all the inhumanly negative titles that have been applied to them, and no people on earth can be accused of what the Jews are accused of. Who [among us] demands to end Judophobia...? Who openly demands to treat the Jews like all other people, some of whom are good and some bad? Is there any Arab Islamic institution that defends Jews – with all their various sects and ethnic backgrounds – and works to end incitement against them and their marginalization due to their image as human embodiments of Satan?
"Who will begin to accept the humane notion of absolving people and their institutions of responsibility for a religious-historic struggle? Who will begin to recognize the errors [that have been made] regarding the rights of the other? Who will eliminate marginalization, racism, and selfishness from earthly considerations?... The world will never accept or tolerate the marginalization of people. We must eradicate the remnants of racism and religious ethnic struggles embedded in our cultural, religious, and institutional discourse. This will be a step on the path towards coexistence with the world, and will close a massive loophole that is exploited by Western extremism [against us]. Our only response to this [extremism] should be to distance ourselves from [this discourse] and instead export an official pluralistic civilized discourse; one that accepts the world, both in its interpretation of texts and its actions on the ground."[7]
Hijazi In Another Article: Changing Antisemitic Discourse Is A Step Towards Coexistence
In another article, Hijazi wrote that eliminating the antisemitic discourse was a step towards drying up the sources of terrorism as well as Western arguments against Islam: "Just as we oppose the discourse of [Donald] Trump and Western and European racists like him, when they attribute terrorism to all Arab Muslims due to the actions of a minority of our people, thus we cannot attribute despicable traits to all members of [other] religions merely due to the existence of hostility and a struggle with some of them, or even with most of them, who deserve to face judgment before international criminal courts, such as the prime minister of Israel and his defense minister. Netanyahu does not represent Judaism... any more than [ISIS leader] Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi represents Islam...
"What do our curricula, satellite channels, and mosque pulpits say about the other/the Jew in general...? Do we even distinguish between a Jew and an Israeli?...
"We cannot struggle against a world that levels accusations against us, or change it, but we can change ourselves or at least begin to distance ourselves from these views that associate all followers of a [certain] religion with every [negative trait] that harms [their image] and their honor and humanity. The meaning [of this] is not normalization, softening [positions], or relinquishing negotiations to establish a Palestinian state within internationally-recognized borders... The two religions cannot resolve the conflict on the ground... The conflict is not between Islam and Judaism – even if our Israeli enemy seeks to present it as such – but rather between the [rightful] owners of the land and of the rights and occupiers and war criminals...
"Are we, or is any official Arab institution, able to abandon this generalizing discourse that besmirches the other...? [This should] start with eliminating any remnant of racism from any existing law, and from curricula, mosque sermons and pulpits, and [TV] channels... in order to eventually create a different discourse based on the principles of international relations and human rights... which will lead to a creative and professional discourse that speaks of the other/the Jew in a way that is devoid of racism; a way that respects his humanity and right to live without becoming a symbol of betrayal, evil, and deception.
"This is a step on the way to the coexistence we desire; a step [on the way] to drying out the sources of terrorism, if we so desire; a step on [the way] to restraining the European right and people like Trump, who feed their own racism with the racism spread by (popular) Arab and Islamic discourse under a religious guise, which the world no longer accepts or does not need to accept. The world will respect your culture if [this culture] is not hostile towards it."[8]
Saudi Writer Ibrahim Al-Matroudi: We Should Benefit From The Jews' Experience And Successes
On July 21, 2016, in his column in the Al-Riyadh daily, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Matroudi called for overcoming the hostility towards the Jews and for benefiting from their experience and successes, even though they are enemies. He argued that, although it has been "isolated and distanced from life," the Jewish nation has "remained alive and alert, and has continued to build its future, and its sons have reached the top of the pyramid in science, philosophy, and economics." He wrote:
"...Hatred blinds and unbalances the individual. When he searches his memory, he finds only flaws and defects in his rival... Those who hate harvest bitter fruits, in the form of loss of the ability to learn from their rivals and to remember their virtues, and thus they lose man's most precious [asset] – [his] wisdom and [ability to] adapt to modern times, because anyone who does not benefit from his enemy in this world will ultimately be forced to leave it, to wallow on its margins, and to gaze nostalgically at the ruins of the past.
"The others whose experience I want to talk about, and whose modern history I want to look at, are the Jews... [Examining] our culture today, we find in it only curses and invective towards the Jews, reiteration of condemnation, and lists of bad things. I have never seen anyone talk about their experience in the new era, and their success in extricating themselves from a situation where the peoples harassed and persecuted them. I have never read about a Muslim urging us to change [our view of] the chronicles of this nation in the modern era and to get to know the methods that it has employed in order to escape its isolation, until it became, in the eyes of many of us, the nation that is leading the world through its institutions and forcing its will on it. 
"Imagine that some of your people, once under your control, have, a few decades later, become world leaders. What would you think about that? Would you say, 'they are demons, they are devils' – or would you look at their way of life and examine their customs in order to learn how they got to where they are and became leaders, when they once lived as dhimmis, and [now they have] turned the nations of the world into their dhimmis, as many of us say?
"The warning by some American founding fathers about the Jews and letting them in to the U.S.[9] did not stop them from building their fame there. We envied them for this, and we interpreted it without amazement – which made us forget the efforts that they put into [it]. Due to this poor attitude, we did not think of learning from them, looking and investigating the reasons [they achieved this]. We linguists settled for amazement at their revival of their nearly extinct Hebrew language. We are astounded at how they created the [modern Hebrew] language, and, even more, at how they acquired a status that made the world act according to [their] will, not according to ours.
"This is a nation that nearly went extinct because its language went extinct, but nevertheless [managed to]  preserve its heritage, values, and ideals. There is a connection between the extinction of a language and extinction of a nation. Later it was revived, arousing a distant hope in the hearts of its people. Don't we need to learn something and look closely at [this nation's] modern history?"
The Jews Are More Astonishing Than The Japanese
Criticizing the Arabs who had gone as far as Japan to learn from that country's experience and capability for advancement – instead of looking at the Jews who are closer both geographically and culturally – Al-Matroudi continued: "The Jews in the modern era – not to mention in the past – have known harassment by all the countries of the world, that placed them in their own special neighborhoods [i.e. ghettoes]. The peoples strove to expel them, and to look for a permanent place for them to settle. This is a nation that was isolated and distanced from life, but that has remained alive and alert, and has continued to build its future, and its sons have reached the top of the pyramid in science, philosophy, and economics... 
"If this is so, then why have the sons of this nation – even if they are our enemies – not been the subject of research [to investigate how they] extricated themselves from the dark tunnel where the world wanted them to remain? Why have we been preoccupied with the Japanese, while the Jews are closer to us? Their situation [was] like ours is now. It is more appropriate for us to look at their new history [than at the history of the Japanese], because they are our enemies, past and present...
"[The focus on the Japanese revival] has distanced us from the wonder of this Jewish nation, whose presence in the religious and cultural discourse frightens us. This is the nation that was considered our terrible enemy in the past and in the present, and therefore it is this [nation] that can arouse us from our slumber, for rivalry with what is near to you is top priority because its impact is greater. Can we open our eyes and see their path in this era?
"Can we be neutral and forget the enmity, so that we can benefit from the roadmap of the Jews, whose beginning was unfortunate but which ultimately turned [the Jews] into a nation that preoccupies us and frightens us all the time? One of the principles of wisdom is to be interested in the source of danger, and consider it important, so as to understand how this source of danger is created and how it became a disturbing nightmare. It will be possible to do this [with regard to the Jews] only if we show openness to the success of this nation, which, although a scattered minority, participated in shaping global public opinion until it became a model of capability to undermine every decision that does not strengthen its existence or its influence...
"The Jewish nation is more amazing and astonishing than the Japanese. It attained its fame by proper efforts, planning, and administration. The world today does not believe, as many of us like to, in the rule of religion, or in religion, but believes in its interests and in participating in shaping life. This is the logic of life that rules today, and the closer one clings to it, the more one's influence grows. The Jews' adherence to this logic made them succeed in building this fame that shocks us and arouses the envy of many of us. The world today does not give you anything unless you either pay for it or invest effort [to achieve it].
"The situation of the Jewish nation shames us more than [that of] any other nation. We ignore the fact that it lives well and advances, and that it participates in shaping global culture. Among ourselves, we talk about it, preoccupied with warning about its deeds, and about the evil and venom that it sows in global thought. And this is the habit of cowards, and their way of dealing with those who disagree with them everywhere... 
"How have the Jews – when the world schemes against them – succeeded in extricating themselves from isolation and transforming themselves into a nation that [both] shames us the most and impacts us the most? How has this nation achieved what we cannot achieve, despite the great difference between us and them in everything – in numbers, in geographic area, and in national resources...[?]"
Unlike Arabs, Jews Understand The Logic And Spirit Of The Times
"The Jews are a competitive people, and life is a competition. The difference between us and them is not that the world loves their religion and hates ours, but rather [lies in] their understanding of the logic and spirit of the times versus our ignorance regarding the logic and spirit of the times – for we were led by a team of preachers who look at everything that occurs in the world through a religious prism and think of how to plot against it... Many preachers cannot comprehend that competition erupts between nations, not between religions.
"Our current situation will persist until a generation arises that acts like the other nations and benefits from the experience of others, rather than shies away from it; a generation where religion and faith do not prevent you from mingling with others and believing in them, and thinking positively about their ideas, visions, and theories; a generation that competes with other nations in their chief industry – the industry of life. Then many preachers will see other nations changing their view of us and will regret... the time they spent brainwashing people into thinking that those nations had a problem with our religion – a religion that is said to be the religion of human nature, mind, and logic..."[10]


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Friday, August 12, 2016

A Growing Trend: Brave Muslim Zionists by Noah Beck Special to IPT News

Muslims and Arabs who openly identify as Zionists are growing in number – powered by the freer flow of information and ideas made possible by social media and the search for answers in the wake of the Arab Spring and Islamist terror.

A new Facebook page for Arab supporters of Israel has attracted about 20,000 visitors. The page, which shares content in English, Arabic, and Hebrew, was founded by a religious Jewish woman and an Arab man. It posts examples of Israel treating Arabs and Muslims with kindness and shares surprising Arab support for Israel from across the Middle East, including Tunisians who created an Israeli flag after being unable to buy one, and who have faced threats for their views.

Muhammad Zoabi entered the spotlight as a proud Arab, Muslim Zionist in the summer of 2014. Just 17 at the time, Zoabi began to advocate for Israel in English, Arabic, and Hebrew. He posted a video demanding that Hamas release three Israeli teens who had been kidnapped a few weeks before Operation Protective Edge. Death threats soon forced Zoabi into hiding, and he found shelter with Kay Wilson, who had survived a brutal 2010 terrorist stabbing attack.

Zoabi became so popular that he reached his maximum friend limit (5,000) on Facebook, where there is even a page calling for him to be prime minister of Israel. Zoabi's Zionism is hardly surprising, given his upbringing. His mother, Sarah Zoabi, revealed her Israeli patriotism on national television. She introduced herself on the popular Israeli show "Master Chef" as an "Arab, Muslim, Israeli, proud Zionist" from the northern city of Nazareth. "I believe in the right of the Jewish people to have their own country, which is the state of Israel, the Holy Land.... I want to say to all the Arabs of Israel to wake up," she continued. "We live in paradise. Compared to other countries, to Arab countries – we live in paradise."

Zoabi's family also includes some fierce Israel haters, like his cousin Haneen Zoabi, who is a member of Israel's parliament but regularly uses her position to defame Israel and side with its enemies.

Another young Muslim Zionist is Mahdi Satri, a 17-year old, Israeli Arab, whose Gazan father helped the Shin Bet (Israel's domestic security services) and received political asylum to live in an Arab village near Acre. When neighbors learned that his father had helped Israel's security services, his family became a target. "After 3 years of violence against me after coming out publicly with my Zionism and I'm still the last man standing, standing against my village," he wrote last month.

"I regularly get threats. I get threats from people in my village and they say they will put two bullets in my head If I'm not gonna stop. I also get threats from Gaza, and from Ramallah, and from my mother's family."

A day earlier, Satri published critiques of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, blaming each for Israel's 2014 war with Gaza and defending Israel's use of force to protect "all the Israeli citizens: Jews, Muslims, Christians, atheist, Gays, Lesbians." He proudly notes that "Israel is the only democratic state in the Middle East."

He also attracted international attention last month with a social experiment in which he blindfolded himself and held a sign identifying himself as an Arab and inviting Tel-Avivians to embrace him. His heartwarming video (with nearly half a million views) reveals Israeli tolerance and was shared by the pro-Israel group StandWithUs.

Satri even paid his respects to the parents of Hallel Yaffa Ariel, who was stabbed to death in her bedroom by a Palestinian terrorist (Israeli TV news covered Satri's remarkable visit). "When they murdered her, they also took a piece of my heart, of me." He brought a yarmulke and an Israeli flag to his condolence visit.

Ahmed Meligy, who identifies himself as a proud Egyptian and Muslim, is another passionate advocate for Israel. Meligy has endured death threats and police arrest for his activism, which includes blogging for the Jerusalem Post, and supporting democracy in Egypt and warmer ties with Israel.

Another Egyptian-born, pro-Israel activist is Nonie Darwish, the founder of Arabs for Israel. In an interview, Darwish told the Investigative Project on Terrorism that her Zionist convictions were most strengthened by "the decency, humanity and integrity of the Jewish people in the face of adversity." She is friends with about a dozen Muslim Zionists and "will not have Muslim friends who do not support Israel."

Darwish left Islam for Christianity, as recounted in her book, Now They Call Me Infidel. Speaking to IPT, she said that "at the core of Islam is a deep envy of Jewish culture...Islam has violated all 10 commandments for the sake of jihad and to repel and destroy whom they envy. Islam...wants to destroy the competition."

Qanta Ahmed, the daughter of Pakistani immigrants to the UK, is a devout Muslim who has also warned about the risk of allowing Islamists to use Islamic blasphemy laws in order to monopolize the marketplace of ideas: "Americans and anti-Islamist Muslims everywhere must ensure that...freedom of...speech prevails, if religious freedoms and liberal democracies are to be preserved." An accomplished physician who practiced medicine in one of Islam's most conservative societies, she published "In the Land of Invisible Women: A Female Doctor's Journey in the Saudi Kingdom." Ahmed, who is now based in the U.S., has also eloquently supported Israel in her writing and decried the double standards applied to Israeli victims of terror.

Mosab Hassan Yousef also is an Arab Zionist who converted from Islam to Christianity. He is a Palestinian who worked undercover for the Shin Bet, from 1997 to 2007, but that was not his original plan.

"I wanted to infiltrate the Israeli Shin Bet in order to play a double agent and it ended up absolutely the opposite" after seeing Israel's values and humanity, he said in a 2013 Fox News interview. So I worked for them against Hamas movement ... against evil ... I did what was right to save a human life – Palestinians and Israelis."

Yousef's information is credited with preventing dozens of suicide attacks and assassinations of Israelis, and with exposing numerous Hamas cells. It also helped Israel to hunt down many terrorists, including Yousef's own father, Hamas leader Sheikh Hassan Yousef.

Yousef's story eventually became the subject of a best-selling book, The Son of Hamas, and a documentary film, "The Green Prince." Yousef, who discovered Christianity in 1999 and converted by 2005, has said that groups like Hamas, Hizballah, Boko Haram, ISIS are "all killing in the name of Allah."

"Israel is light, Israel is philosophy, Israel is values and ethics," he said during a 2015 speech before AIPAC. "And I cannot imagine the world without Israel."

The failure of the "Arab Spring" may help to explain the growing trend of Muslims and Arabs supporting Israel. As the hope of democratic reform faded and states crumbled into violent chaos and/or merciless crackdowns on protests, some willing to look past anti-Israel propaganda might admire the only example of a Middle East democracy that tolerates dissent, has a burgeoning economy, upholds the rule of law and human rights, and protects minorities.

For example, after Mohammad Hosseini escaped the horrors of ISIS in Iraq, he began to question many of the anti-Israel beliefs on which he was raised.

"I wanted to check the essence of the conspiracy theories, which are common in the Muslim and Arab world against Israel and the Jews," he wrote. "People told me that America and the Jews are responsible for all the problems but on the contrary I saw imams and many religious people joining ISIS willingly and out of admiration."

His research changed his mind about Israel and its conflict with the Palestinians.

"As long as people are committed to the destruction of Israel the Israelies (sic) have an obligation to defend themselves first," Hosseini added. "I want the Israelies (sic) to know that Israel has supporters amongst us. I hope that the Palestinian party would realize that it is unreasonable to kill and then come with demands against Israel, negotiations should be commenced with pure intentions."

Moreover, the singularly brutal approach of the Islamic State (ISIS) towards religious minorities, or even Sunni Muslims who dare to disagree with ISIS, does much – by way of extreme contrast – to highlight Israeli society's tolerance. Religious minorities in Israel like the Druze, have clearly taken notice, and prefer life under Israeli rule.

Gabriel Nadaf is a leader of the Aramaean Christian minority in Israel and a Greek Orthodox priest who encourages Israeli Christians to enlist in the IDF. In September 2014, he told the United Nations Human Rights Council that "Israel is the only place where Christians in the Middle East are safe." In February 2014, Monaliza Abdo, a young Arab Christian woman who voluntarily enlisted in the Israeli army, spoke publicly about her patriotism and determination to protect all Israelis.

But even members of the majority religion in the Middle East, Sunni Islam, serve in the IDF. There about 1,700 Bedouin Arabs who serve in the Israeli army.

And, as perhaps part of the broader trend of Arabs embracing their Israeli identity, Lucy Aharish, the first Muslim Arab presenter for one of Israel's top TV news channels, proudly defines herself as an Israeli: "Today, when people ask me 'What are you?' I say that I'm an Israeli. I'm not ashamed of my Israeliness. Then I'm a woman, and then I'm an Arab Muslim. That's the order: Israeli, woman, Arab Muslim."

A growing demographic of Zionist Muslims may eventually serve as the bridge to peace between Israel and the wider Islamic world. But as long as Islamist movements persist, such courageous individuals will likely face serious threats.

Noah Beck is the author of The Last Israelis, an apocalyptic novel about Iranian nukes and other geopolitical issues in the Middle East.